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Each year, our team conducts more than 30,000 in-person surveys and interviews for our partners.

We provide a full range of research and training services in the following areas.

  • Research and evaluation design
  • Randomized evaluations
  • Survey design & data collection
  • Market research for the technology, banking and mobile phone sectors
  • Computer-assisted personal interviewing (CAPI)
  • Mobile survey data collection and GIS mapping using Android phones and Open Data Kit
  • Qualitative interviews
  • Biomarker data collection (anthropometrics, blood/sylvia rapid tests, whole blood, dried blood spots)
  • GIS data collection and mapping
  • Data entry in CSPro and Microsoft Access
  • Statistical analysis in Stata and SPSS
  • Data cleaning and management
  • Report writing and editing
  • Presentation of research findings
  • Research dissemination at meetings and conferences
  • Transcription
  • Translation
  • Archival records storage